Sabatina: Dysfunctional Government No Way to Keep Jobs

December 22, 2015

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 22, 2015 – State Sen. John Sabatina today lamented the impending layoffs at Bemis Healthcare Packaging’s Northeast Philadelphia plant as well as the shortsighted economic policy that puts Philadelphia on an uneven playing field in the competition for jobs.

Sabatina said the highly profitable company’s announced closure of a local facility that had been productive for six decades was preceded by years of decline in Pennsylvania’s economic development and job-training efforts.

“There is a cut-throat competition for jobs which leads to very profitable companies being handed enormous sums of money to move workers around,” Sabatina said. “As tough as it is, Philadelphia and other urban centers are fighting with one arm tied behind their backs. There must be a better way.”

Sabatina noted cuts over the past four years in economic development programs and job training, in favor of large tax breaks to multinational gas drillers has benefitted small pockets of rural Pennsylvania while crippling large urban centers like Philadelphia.

The closure warning for the Perfecseal facility on Bustleton Ave comes during an unprecedented budget standoff– unique in the nation – that is preventing the flow of money to schools and jobs programs already stymied by years of short-funding.


Sabatina Hosts ‘Operation Bundle Up’ Collection Boxes

Heard On The Hill/In City Hall
November 19, 2015

State Sen. John Sabatina (D-Northeast) is urging Northeast Philadelphians to visit his district offices and bring a new or gently used item of winter clothing for their less fortunate neighbors.

Sabatina will be hosting collection boxes for Catholic Community Services 2nd annual “Operation Bundle Up.”

“For some of our neighbors it’s a year-round challenge to make ends meet, and winter makes those needs more acute,” Sabatina said. “As any parent knows, it can be particularly difficult to keep growing kids in warm clothes every year. Operation Bundle Up is a great way to for those who have a little extra to share it at this time of year.”


Sabatina Applauds Colleagues’ Pay Move

Heard On The Hill/In City Hall
September 23, 2015

State Sen. John Sabatina (D-Northeast) applauded Senate colleagues who have recently announced their intention to refuse their legislative pay in consideration of the on-going budget stalemate that is threatening social services.

Sabatina, who has not accepted his salary since Jun. 30, said it is important for lawmakers to stand together with vulnerable Pennsylvanians in feeling the impact of the impasse.

“The political games in Harrisburg are threatening the livelihoods of thousands of low-wage workers who are helping our most needy citizens,” Sabatina said. “The appearance that there are no consequences for lawmakers erodes public faith and increases cynicism. I congratulate my colleagues on both sides of the aisle and in both chambers who have made this difficult decision.

”Pennsylvania’s constitutionally mandated budget deadline passed more than two months ago as Sabatina and his Democratic colleagues have insisted on restoring adequate funding to education after years of declining revenue have led to declining test scores. The stalemate is hitting social-service agencies with added costs if they need to borrow money until a budget is passed.

“It’s essential that those who serve the public, from our struggling seniors to our youngest school students, know that the delay in passing a budget is due to fundamental disagreement over their importance to our society,” Sabatina said. “There are critically important issues at stake and the public outcry for change has been intense, but the majorities in the House and Senate have insisted on continuing down the path of the previous administration.

”Sabatina is a co-sponsor of SB 187, which would suspend the pay of lawmakers and certain administration officials if a budget is not passed by the Jun. 30 deadline.


Sabatina Joins Bipartisan Push for Minimum Wage Hike

HARRISBURG, Sept. 30, 2015 – State Sen. John Sabatina today joined a bipartisan group of lawmakers in supporting a parliamentary maneuver to force a Senate vote on a minimum wage hike in Pennsylvania.


Sabatina, Colleagues Discuss Law-and-Order Bills

HARRISBURG, Sept. 21, 2015 – State Sen. John Sabatina today joined a bipartisan group of House and Senate colleagues and members of Philadelphia’s Lodge 5 of the Fraternal Order of Police to discuss a pair of bills aimed at helping police officers protect the community and their families.


Sabatina Rejects Republican ‘Zombie’ Budget Game

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 19, 2015 – State Sen. John Sabatina today voted against a Republican stopgap budget, calling it “a zombie budget that just won’t die.”
“Governor Wolf killed this terrible idea on June 30, and Pennsylvanians buried it under an avalanche of opinion polls,” Sabatina said. “House Democrats killed it again after a ridiculous override attempt and Senate Republicans just decided to prop it up, dust it off and march it out again. We’ve truly entered the realm of the bizarre.”


Noted NJ Advocates Back Sabatina Transplant Bill

PHILADELPHIA, July 31, 2015 – As the U.S. marks the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the family behind New Jersey’s landmark “Amelia’s Law,” joined state Sen. John Sabatina today in his effort to pass similar legislation in Pennsylvania.


Sabatina to Introduce ‘Paul’s Law’ in the Senate

HARRISBURG, June 16, 2015 – Surrounded by hundreds of Pennsylvanians with disabilities and their advocates, state Sen. John Sabatina Jr. announced today that he will replicate his effort in the state House of Representatives by introducing “Paul’s Law” in the state Senate.


Dear Friends

I am honored and humbled to have been elected to serve as the next Senator from the 5th Senatorial District.

Thank you to my wife Eileen, daughter Caroline, and to all of my family for your love and support. Thank you to the voters of the 5th District for instilling your trust and faith in me. I will work hard each day to represent you. Thank you to all of the volunteers, friends in organized labor who worked so hard for the campaign, and to all of you who voted today.

John P. Sabatina Jr.


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